Industrial Manufacturing Photo Shoot

How do you decide where to place your camera and who to put in front of it when you are asked to create web site photography inside of 150,000 square feet of gear manufacturing …? By first understanding what the company’s core values are, what makes them different from their competition, and how they want to be seen by their customers and colleagues. And how do you then do that …? By slowing down – before planning the shoot – and asking a lot of questions and listening carefully.

With Gil Hartl’s insight I learned that Linn Gear offers their customers many solutions; they have the inventory, knowledge, men, machinery and raw stock all under one roof. Now how do I picture those words …? By first taking scouting photographs and then inviting conversation with company leadership. For these environments there were many options and the outside sales and marketing director Jason Hartl skillfully lead the selection and art direction of the most important areas and camera angles that reinforced their company message.

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