Product Photography

Product Photography | Eugene Oregon

Product photography for me falls in two categories. The product in isolation — with a clean background, and the product in a realistic environment.  Isolating a product is a great method to show visually complex devices and tools, where you are trying to give the viewer a clear understanding of what you’re selling. Showing a product in its natural, intended environment provides the target customer with a vision that illustrates the utility and benefit of the product. I work hard to create an emotional foundation for buying and using the product.

Product in Use   .jpgProduct in Use  .jpgLightSpeed Aviation Product Photograph.jpgLSA_Helo_Pilot_.jpgStudio Product Photograph  .jpgProduct in Use LSA .jpgMeissner Filtration ProductsAirtronics Location Photography .jpgStudio Product Photography .jpgTrimble Instruments, Yuma ModelTrimble Instruments, Yuma ModelTrimble Location Product Photography .jpgOutdoor location photograph .jpgLocation Photography for Trimble .jpgProduct in use photograph .jpgNFR Finals - Las Vegas - Rodeo Party Invite - Mirage - BCinematography ElectronicsMeissner Filtration ProductsLas Vegas Valley Water District - Vishnu CreativeHJC Helmuts College Bowl Game Invite Meissner Filtration ProductsStill Life - Stock Photography - Getty Images