Business Portraits

Portrait Photography  …  is perhaps the most easily overlooked and underrated form of your business marketing and communications. This is an excellent vehicle for introducing yourself in advance of forthcoming & likely face-to-face engagements with current and or future prospects.

My view on executive portraiture is based on 4 fundamentals. 1- Place my subject several feet in front of the background and far enough away for me to use a slightly telephoto lens. 2- Place my camera well above the eye level of my subjects. 3- Use my lighting to its fullest advantage – whether inside a studio or outdoors. 4- Make sure the background is slightly out-of-focus, either on the set or in post production.

There are a dozen additional items to be considered before, during and after the day of the effort. When we work together you will hear about my image making philosophies. For now let me say this; we like to view genuine, compelling and honest pictures. Portraits that have a ‘distant & soft’ background will imply that the subject has ‘depth’ and ‘quality’ of character. For me this is perhaps the key element to convey. How it is done or even attempted to be done is as varied as the number of businesses asking for the assignment.

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