Annual Report Portraits

Dave Wood of Willamette Community Bank was preparing materials for his company’s annual report. Because he is a talented writer, he wanted each of the images to convey a specific message. He had thought it out and we hit it off from the git-go. I understood, very well, that he wanted to associate that his customer service managers went out of their brick and mortar bank branches and out into the working spaces and environments of their valued clients.

My job then was to scout in advance of the shoot each location. My goal was to find an area that was both photogenic and also had a depth and distance and light behind it. That way, we can convey visually, and at first glance, that the bank and its service has breadth and depth. This takes a little bit of extra effort, but it is worth it. I’ll share a couple of the other locations and challenges we overcame with you next time.

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